Seal Coating

Regular maintenance is crucial to protect and restore asphalt pavement from the deteriorating effects of sun, traffic, and harsh Carolina summers. We handle Parking lots, structures, driveways, sidewalks, curbs, roads.

Seal Coat

We use only top-of-the-line materials and equipment, including airport-grade seal coat, to ensure strong and efficient results.

Asphalt Crack Fill

Shrinkage, reflective, edge, fatigue; no matter the cause, our hot/cold system filler will repair even the largest of cracks.

Pot Hole Repair

Remove debris, refill, repair.


Clean Asphalt Service

To ensure the life of the product and your asphalt as a whole, surface prep is an essential step of a good seal coating job. We clean cracks larger than 1/4" to clear loose debris, kill weeds/vegetation, prime any oil stains, and blow dust off the surface.


Hot Crack Filling

Any crack larger than 1/4" will be filled with hot rubber crack filler. Anything smaller and the gap doesn't provide proper adhesion. Properly filling and maintaining the cracks on your lot can extend the asphalt's life by 10+ years!



We utilize only the finest materials available to ensure that our work is strong and efficient. Our process includes using airport-grade seal coat and state-of-the-art equipment, resulting in a top-quality job every time.

We Make our Mark on...

Parking Lots

Large, small, private, commercial. We do them all. Choice between Water-based/ Oil-based product. Available for Re-stripe and New layout.

Parking Structures

Above ground, below ground, re-stripe, new layout. There’s no structure that intimidates us.

Residential / Municipal

Working in the communities our team grew up in: Center lines, curbing, crosswalks, intersections and more.


Tough crosswalks, handicapped spaces, numbers, letters, tennis courts. and more! Available for re-stripe or new layout.


Entire exterior re-paint, Warehouse floor top-coat. Water-based/ Oil-based product. Straight, even spray.


We have been in the painting industry for over 10 years! If you have a project you’re unsure about, please call anyways!

A Portion of Every Job gets Donated to the Wounded Warriors Project.

American Pavement Sealing is a proud supporter of the Wounded Warriors Project to support our troops, both past and present. In honor of the men, women, and their families who sacrifice to protect our right to operate and provide service, we pledge to donate $10 from every project produced to this cause. This is our way of saying thank you for all who have and continue to serve this great nation.

Former or Active military member? Make sure to ask about our Military discount!

  • What Our Customers are Saying

    "I want to thank you again for the speedy response.... APM was very professional and the job turned out great. Secure Parking will definitely be using APM again in the future!"

    - Secure Parking USA

  • What Our Customers are Saying

    "Thank you APM! Looks great and I appreciate your communication through the whole project!"

    - American Advantage, New Berlin

  • What Our Customers are Saying

    "Fantastic job on our parking lot. Looks beautiful on all ends."

    - Nisha Group

  • What Our Customers are Saying

    "Looks beautiful, job well done. Brought our old lot back to life!"

    - Fourth N long

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